Zinc- The Nutrient You Need For That Extra Lift In The Bedroom

by Sepideh Mobedi in Health


Everyone knows how hard it can be to create fireworks in the bedroom when you have no spark to begin with right? Well what if I told you guys and gals that ZINC, from certain foods we eat, can help light you up, giving you that extra boost needed to get in the mood.

Various research into the health benefits of zinc shows that, this essential trace element is a power house when it comes to our health. In other words you really get bang for your buck with even small amounts in your diet every day. So, let’s look a little deeper into how zinc can benefit you in the bedroom:



For men, zinc is important for your entire manhood. The vital hormone, testosterone, needs zinc in order to maintain healthy and strong swimmers. Zinc is also vital in maintaining healthy functioning testosterone levels. This is important for boosting overall sex drive, performance, muscle growth, energy levels and immunity. Some research also suggests how zinc may help in areas of depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.

For ladies zinc is important for maintaining overall healthy female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) levels as well as your testosterone levels. Again just like for the guys happy and healthy hormone levels means improved libido and sex drive. Your overall mood and emotional stability especially during your monthly cycles can also improve when you have enough zinc in your diet. Ideal right?

Food wise, oysters love them or hate them are a great source of zinc and can really get your engine revving for later in the bedroom. Another great source of zinc is meat in particular your grass fed red meats. Eggs, milk, seafood, liver, wholegrains, legumes and nuts are also great ways to boost your daily zinc intake.


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For my vegetarian and vegan friends out there zinc is of special importance to you and your health. Phytates or phytic acid found commonly in plant based foods interfere in the absorption of zinc in the gut. In order to maximize absorption try soaking and sprouting your beans, grains and seeds. Eat more rising grains like whole wheat bread. It is important to keep an eye on your zinc levels regularly and use a high quality and absorbable zinc supplement to compensate losses daily.

When it comes to testing your testosterone levels it is important to ask your doctor for a test which will look at total testosterone levels, sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and free testosterone levels. This combination of testing will give you a better understanding into whether you truly are deficient in zinc.

As a nutritional scientist I would much rather everyone achieve required zinc levels through the foods they eat. However, this can be difficult at times, in that case I recommend supplements of high quality and absorbability. For example, using the brand Cabot Health. All of Dr Sandra Cabot’s products are sourced from non-polluted and non-toxic environments. Here is a direct link to purchase your supplements: www.innerorigin.com/advocate/sepidehmobedi

You can also find out exactly what amounts of Zinc you need based on your age and gender from www.nrv.com.au, just follow the quick link under nutrients.

Happy humping guys and gals 😉

Written by: Sepideh Mobedi (Nutritional Scientist)

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