HERO is a socially responsible condom company, whereby for every condom sold, a condom is donated to a developing country to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS and save lives. To date, HERO has provided more than ~75,000 condoms locally in Botswana and we are happy to announce that as of September 2015, HERO returned to Botswana to donate a further 500,000 condoms. Not only are we excited to have made this donation and by meeting our continued commitment, but we have spent the time conducting research amongst the people of Botswana in order to provide them with a customised product specifically based on their feedback, both in function and design.


Hero Quality

HERO Condoms are made in a world class manufacturing facility and are 100% electronically tested and produced in accordance with International Standard ISO 4074:2002. In true HERO nature, we don’t just meet these standards – we exceed them! Additional rigorous quality control testing is conducted to provide you with the highest quality products on the market. 

We are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. Our products are manufactured using solar power, water recycling and are sold in 100% recycled boxes. We are also proud to be working towards becoming a carbon neutral company!



A devastating epidemic threatens an entire continent, impacting over 22 million in Sub- Saharan Africa alone. Without proper protection or treatment, the rate of infection is expected to catastrophically grow to 95 million within the next decade. In 2011 1.7 million people died due to AIDS.

Simply by buying HERO Condoms you are contributing to the fight against HIV/AIDS and helping to save lives.


Antiretroviral Treatment

HERO is dedicated to the future by supporting antiretroviral treatment (ART) to expectant mothers. This treatment minimises the chances of the disease being passed on to their new-borns. With the help of our partners YOHO and NACA, HERO is making the future possible for developing countries.

Condoms donated locally to date
Condoms donated to Botswana to date


Dustin Leonard

Cause HERO

Social Entrepreneur and advocate for change, Dustin Leonard is the driving force behind HERO Condoms and the continued effort to support the people of Botswana in their fight against HIV/AIDS.

Kabo Matlho


Originally from Botswana, HERO’s Medical Scientist and HIV/Botswana consultant, Kabo Matlho, has been an invaluable asset to the team. Kabo facilitated the introductions to our current partners and makes sure that there is consistent communication to ensure a positive and effective relationship.

  • 1 For 1

    HERO has made a commitment; for every HERO Condom sold, one is donated to a developing country to help reduce the effect of HIV in that region.

    This will allow local organisations to distribute condoms and to help educate the community on the importance of safe sex. 

    Show your support and join HERO in our fight to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and save lives.

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  • 1 For 1

    HERO has made a commitment; for every condom sold, one will be given to an HIV/AIDS organisation in a developing country. This will allow these organisations to distribute condoms and to help educate the community on the importance of safe sex. 

    Show your support and join HERO in our fight to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and save lives.

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